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  A lone torpedo marks the beginning of a new catastrophe; a third global conflict.  The world is rendered into a wasteland. The era of humanity finally reaches its end, or so it would seem. Unbeknownst to many, steps were taken to ensure that the great collapse would become a new beginning.  A world rebuilt over its ashes. A miracle feasible only by the rich and powerful. A perfect utopia where nothing is wrong.  Or… some would call it a time bomb.  The restless move deep inside the skeleton of the old world… an implacable force prepares a dastardly game to break the mask mankind itself has placed on its “perfect world”. Hanson Williams is sent to deal with this force. An engineer and inventor who has lost everything to this threat. Fight your way through the old-world ruins to find who or what is leading this strange force, all the while finding secrets that would have been best left forgotten.

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